Ras the Baboon
Maliki the Vervet Monkey
Pook the Gibbon
Darwin the Capuchin Monkey
Tico the Capuchin Monkey
Samantha the Brown Lemur
Ringo the
Ringtail Lemurs
Jasmine the
Long Tailed Macaque

Rodents and Hoofstock, Etc.

Bean the Porcupine
Softy & Cotton the Chinchillas
Tarzan the Kangaroo
Clover the Kangaroo
Teddy the Elk
Matty the Alpaca
Snicker Doodles the Deer
Hirsch the Deer
Moses & Nick the Reindeer
Lolita the Horse
Olive the Pot-Bellied Pig
Tula the Pot-Bellied Pig

Canids, Felids, Procyonids, Etc.

Canyon the Mountain Lion
Ruka the African Serval
Salty the Gray Fox
Pepper the Gray Fox
Flower the Skunk
Nike the Kinkajou
Ezzie the Opossum
Zig & Zag the Racoons
Radar the Raccoon
Ruckus the Raccoon
Pixie the Hedgehog


Parrots Etc.

TJ the Blue and Gold Macaw
Kiwi the Military Macaw
Charlie the Moluccan Cockatoo
Nigel the Pelican
Kono the Kookaburra
Poe and Nevermore the Ravens
Ben and Jerry the Guinea Fowl
Cookie the Chicken

Birds of Prey

Spirit the Bald Eagle
Nova the Great Horned Owl
Hobbit the Barn Owl
Gollum and Calypso the
Western Screech Owls
Whizzer the Turkey Vulture
Tawny the Red-Tailed Hawk
Ember the Harris’ Hawk

Reptiles, Etc


Miss Piggy the Burmese Python
Marlon Perkins the Yellow Anaconda
Noah the Red-Tailed Boa
Rosie the Rosie Boa
King Henry the Ball Python
Elway the Colorado Bull Snake
Precious the
Northern Pacific Rattlesnake
Tyrant the
California King Snake
Toothless the
Mexican Black King Snake
Lucerne the
Sinaloan Milk Snake
Bella the
Taiwanese Beauty Snake

Lizards and Crocodilia

Rolo the Legless Lizard
Niles the Nile Monitor
Artie the Argus Monitor
Smaug the Gila Monster
Zeus the Green Iguana
Linguini the Green Iguana
Steve the American Crocodile
Chubbs the American Alligator
Dave the American Alligator
Allie the American Alligator
Gumbo the American Alligator
Flotsam the Dwarf Cayman

Turtles, Amphibians, and Invertebrates

Hot Rod the Western Box Turtle
Donatello the
Alligator Snapping Turtle
Sally the
Common Snapping Turtle
Flip the
California Desert Tortoise
Otis the Sulcata Tortoise
Grandpa the Sulcata Tortoise
Dewie Hopper
the African Pixie Frog
Rose the Chilean
Curly Haired Tarantula
Wanda and Cosmo the Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches