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Wild Things provides a home for over 60 species of wildlife. Many of these animals are shared in our wildlife education presentations. Our hope is that through meeting these animals and hearing their stories, future generations will gain a greater appreciation for the natural world.

Wildlife Programs

Conservation Ambassadors’ Wild Things offers the premier wildlife programs in NorCal schools and beyond, with educational and exciting presentations for schools, libraries, private organizations, events, and public appearances.

How You Can Help

Learn how you can help Conservation Ambassadors’ Wild Things, whether by donating, booking a program, volunteering, adopting an animal, or just spreading the word!

Some of Our Wildlife Programs

Spirit the Bald Eagle

North American Wildlife

Join us on a journey through the wilderness of North America. Watch in wonder as we present the animals that inhabit our rugged country…

Kono the Kookaburra

Animals of the World

There is an amazing diversity of life on earth. Meet animal ambassadors from 5 continents and hear their extraordinary personal stories…

Pepper the Gray Fox

Backyard Animals

There are many wild animals that share the areas we call home. Most have even adapted perfectly to surviving alongside us…

Darwin the Capuchin Monkey

The Amazing Amazon

We hear depressing news regarding the destruction of the rainforest daily. This special presentation is designed to enlighten and instill excitement…

How Can You Help?

Wild Things depends on our supporters to keep our organization going!
Find more about how YOU can play a part!

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