Conservation Ambassadors’ Wild Things offers premier wildlife programs in Northern California schools and beyond. We present several educational and exciting presentations for school assemblies, libraries, private organizations, events, and public appearances.  Our programs are fun and humor-filled, and backed by scientific evidence and interesting anecdotes.

Each program lasts approximately 50 minutes, making back-to-back programs easy to schedule.

Schools and libraries: The cost for one program is $600, and a second same day program is $500.
Private events and birthday parties: $800 and up. Please call for pricing.
There may be a travel fee for distances greater than 100 miles.

Each program includes 5-8 animals, and is tailored to the facility and audience involved. Though requests are welcome, we do retain the right to include or remove animals from the program list based on individual animals’ needs and comfort.

Our programs include:

North American Wildlife

Join us on a journey through the wilderness of North America. Watch in wonder as we present the animals that inhabit our rugged country.

Animals of the World

There is an amazing diversity of life on earth. Meet animal ambassadors from 5 continents and hear their extraordinary personal stories.

Backyard Animals

There are many wild animals that share the areas we call home. Many have even adapted perfectly to surviving alongside us in the hustle and bustle of our big cities.

The Amazing Amazon

We hear depressing news regarding the destruction of the rainforest daily. What we understand, we can protect, so this special presentation is designed to enlighten and instill excitement about the creepy crawlies of the rainforest floor to the far reaches of the canopy.

Animals of Africa

The continent of Africa is home to some of the most amazingly resilient and diverse animals on the planet. In this program, you will learn stories such as the social habits of a primate troop, how a giant frog survives the hot dry summer, and how porcupines’ quills actually work.

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